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predaj malých elektrospotrebi?ov zna?ky IMETEC. Kuchynský pomocníci, ?ehlenie, starostlivosť o vlasy a vyhrievané prestieradlá
Kategória: Biela technika

tovar obchod odosiela zo SR
Priemerné hodnotenie: 2.6 / 5
Počet hodnotiacich: 5
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peqMJjjNhxMvcR 2013-05-06 21:29:45 (id: 6282)
Sorry to be negative, but spimamng people with links to Mozilla sites doesn't sound like a particularly great idea.Looking at the responses being given (although I must admit I didn't notice any by you specificaly), lots of the responses seem pointless and sometimes actually wrong. For example, referring people with Mobile Firefox to the desktop SUMO pages.The tweet in your screenshot I would say is a WTF. I didn't want that rather than appreciation.The original idea of offering help to people who have problems with Firefox seems fair enough, if that can actually be achieved. Arguing with random Chrome fans about which browser is better, or suggesting that random people who are having Firefox problems with 3.6 should upgrade to the beta doesn't seem any better than the random advertising spam you get on twitter when you mention many products.May as well just set up a bot to send everyone that mentions Firefox a direct message with a link in it

JwPxrwtCLVUCIXTKLsw 2013-05-11 18:06:39 (id: 6345)
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aPspTZhqUIIpXZqw 2013-05-15 05:40:20 (id: 6406)
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